The Women of Haunted Dreams

I have seen at least a dozen posts in the passed week on various blog sites about ‘strong’ female characters vs. ‘weak’ female characters. To be honest, I am just not catching the buzz on it, however, I have seen it so much I felt like I should do a little blurb about the women introduced in Haunted Dreams, the first book in the Chronicles of Fate series. There are more of them than you may think for anyone who has read what little on it that has been made available. I will keep this as spoiler free as I possibly can.


The first female character introduced in Haunted Dreams, is Kaida Miyamoto. Kaida is employed as a mechanic but is also a college student which makes for a fairly busy schedule, yet on top of that she still has a social life and even a relationship eventually. She is, as described by her brothers, a warrior, but she has a bounty of flaws she has to overcome. She is impulsive to the point of recklessness, she is highly childish, she has a hair trigger temper, and she is sassy. With her flaws she has virtues to her that are unnoticed diamonds in the rough; she has a smile that ignites joy, her childish little games are her being affectionate, her heart has more than enough room for most of the world, she has seen and done terrible things but sees the world as a beautiful place worth fighting for. Personally, I adore Kaida for every facet which exists within her. She’s fierce, but she’s sensitive. She’s tough yet soft under that shell of armor. Within all of the powerful badassery that she radiates, she’s a soft, sensual, sensitive woman under it all and has never had a man see that in her outside of her family.


Another female character; Nikita Grey. Nikita is the daughter of a prominent and very old family of Portsmith, also the little sister of Raphael Jones (relationship is that of a brother and sister, no actual blood relation). Nikita is very deceiving, what you see is not what you get when it comes to her. She’s the fly on the wall taking note of every little detail and the lovely, proper young lady she is expected to be. As a Captain’s daughter, Nikita was raised sailing the seven seas with her education mostly from her father himself as well as the world itself. Nikita is quiet but devious, gentle but sly. Nikita is not a woman to be toyed with and though her temper is not near that of Kaida, the term ‘Hell hath no fury’ quite reasonably applies when it comes to Nikita and anything or anyone she cares about.


Now, as it will come to pass, many will notice through the books that Nikita and Kaida are extremely similar but their differences are even greater. These two are the opening female leads for the Chronicles of Fate series, they are the driving force in the beginning of the series and become even greater as the series continues. Both women grow; Kaida in ways noticed, Nikita in many ways mostly unseen, but they grow as characters should. They overcome their fears, balance their flaws, and uphold their virtues through the many struggles both face. Book One is just the beginning and it only gets more intense as they continue. I’m not one to claim ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ female characters. They should be real, in their own ways. Even the gentle wallflower can be a sarcastic bitch if she’s crossed and there is nothing wrong with it. Everyone is unique, everyone is dynamic, and everyone can change given the right circumstances. I don’t agree with this ‘strong vs. weak female lead’ stuff, I care if they are real genuine people and not cardboard cut outs, the rest seems like a lot of politics that, unless you have said politics in your story, shouldn’t matter so much.


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