Haunted Dreams First Draft – Nearly Complete

We finally hit the climax of Haunted Dreams and over the holidays we are hoping that we will be closer to the end. This series is over five years in the making and we are making absolutely sure it is how we want and portrays what we want to our readers. The rough draft had issues which the first draft is fixing with our diligent efforts and the second draft is going to fix where we fell a bit short in the first. We have agreed that the book will need three editing cycles and then a small group of beta readers before we send it off to publishers. This is an epic series, definitely more than just a couple of books as the plot and characters are still continuing. We have up to the first three, possibly four, novels for the series in rough draft, but we edit much, much slower.


The entire Chronicles of Fate series is a collaboration between myself and my fabulous friend of nearly a decade who doesn’t want to be known outside of Shadow. Shadow and I started CoF back in 2009 as something to pass the time and keep us both sane, however it quickly turned into something much greater. From our creative musings we created something new, something neither of us have seen in present or past novels which makes us believe, especially with the new novels being released, we have something amazing. It is also our precious baby, because so many years of work have gone into it.


Each character is a person, do not try to tell either of us otherwise, each and every character introduced in the series is a person we have rooted and cried for. Each emotion that passes through the story we have felt ourselves. Now, for those a bit curious about how we have managed this… We talk, a lot. Part of the reason this has taken so long is that we have dropped communication several times in the passed couple of years due to I could not always afford to pay my internet bill. But we talk and we talk a lot. E-mail, skype, we have even started utilizing Google Docs when we are both on different schedules and the scenes are written slowly, piece by piece when we have the time. We do not meet in person for this process, mainly because we live many miles apart as she lives in Colorado and I live in the wonderful state of Georgia. But we talk none the less, we discuss the scenes as we write them questioning if we properly got across what we wanted. The especially difficult part of this series is there are a number of things we do not want the reader to know from the beginning, it is a mystery, so we have to carefully word. There are context clues and anyone good with riddles and wordplay may actually figure it out considering the first beta reader we had, figured details out about some characters that had yet to even truly be hinted at. Not everyone will be in the dark, but that’s what makes it fun. You could be wrong and you could be right, yet you won’t know unless you turn the pages and watch what happens.


We also have a lot of characters. As it stands we have, in the accumulative of the rough drafts, forty characters. Yeah, I actually counted them all by name and those are all major characters depending on which book in the series it is. That only counts a handful of children that are born in the process of the plot, this series progresses from one group to said groups’ children who carry on the legacy. Now, how in the world do we manage so many characters? We split them. Half are Shadow’s, half are mine, and typically they interact with each other which is what keeps it from slurring into the same conversations again and again, because we as two people, take two people and allow them a full conversation.


The characters introduced in Haunted Dreams that are Shadow’s:

  • Detective Jones
  • The Mongoose
  • Crazy Andy
  • Devil Flinn
  • The Captain
  • Malin


The characters introduced in Haunted Dreams that are mine:

  • Kaida
  • Kogato
  • Akiro
  • Hanabusa
  • Ayame
  • Takouma
  • Hijiro
  • Hio
  • Takara
  • Masaru
  • Ryuichi


Needless to say it’s an interesting combination, where she is responsible for all the gangsters and mercenaries, I am responsible for the Japanese side of things which is virtually still gangsters and mercenaries, just of different roots. Regardless, I have enjoyed this process even as long as it has taken because I thoroughly love the story in and of itself.


Haunted Dreams

Book One

The Chronicles of Fate Series

A Collaboration By: Jinny Jones & Shadowfire

“The coins of fate have been tossed – heads you survive and fight, tails you surrender and die…”


We are also in the market for beta readers, feel free to contact me if you would like to sign up to become one and learn more about the project, there’s also a chance you may meet my partner in crime. There is a contact form on the About page, fill it out with beta reader in the comment box and e-mails will promptly be sent out either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening. I check my e-mail twice a day so do not think because it isn’t immediate I didn’t get back to you. Twice a day, before bed and after the first cup of coffee. We would enjoy a fan or two that will love this series as much as we already do and we’re writing it. Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/day/night!


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