WIPMarathon Intro (December-January Edition)

I decided to give this a shot and though thus far I have posted mostly about my collaborative WIP, Haunted Dreams, I need to finish my other WIP, Unconditionally, Uncontrollably, before the end of the year. So, here is my shot at doing this, for everybody else who is currently doing the same thing, best of luck, I hope to see your progress as the month continues.


For more information on the WIPMarathon or to join us, visit here. And don’t forget to check all of us out on Twitter!


Marathon Goal: Complete Unconditionally, Uncontrollably. Broad goal but for a word count goal, it’s 75,000 – 90,000 words.

Stage of Writing: Second draft built up from the NaNo2012 draft, which has come a long way. So far I have the first quarter of the book edited into what I wanted in the beginning when I started NaNoWriMo2012.

What inspired my current project: My husband actually. I had started with barely any idea what I wanted to do other than something outside the box from my normal work at the time. He came up with several of the interesting twists and I took from his ideas what sparked which created the twisting, turning, emotional roller coaster that is Unconditionally, Uncontrollably.

What might slow down my marathon goal: December is an extremely busy month for me not only with holidays but my son as well as my own birthday are in December, it is also a year ago that my Uncle died on Christmas. Hectic isn’t a word to describe this month, however I have managed more in less time. I am also very easily discouraged and have had very little feedback on the WIP, I struggle regularly with discouraging depression which has halted progress on UU multiple times already – hopefully not this time.

Best time of day for writing: I usually spend most of my quiet mornings pounding the keyboard as I wake up before everyone else, but I have more energy to write late at night. I am known for writing more when the urge strikes deep in my soul and I can’t stop myself. It varies when I write but I am not a stern believer that there should be a specific time of day where you are more productive. Writing is a passion, when your passion tingles, you write no matter what time of day it is.


4 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Intro (December-January Edition)

  1. Welcome Jinny! Hopefully, you won’t feel depressed when writing this month with all the support in our group.
    Who knows, you might even make a friend who’d be willing to beta-read your book, so don’t give up.
    You’ve got this.

    Good luck! And looking forward to your updates.


  2. This is my first time with the Marathon, but I always find that with people cheering each other on, and knowing others are aiming for progress in that same time period, I’m much more able to get my head down. Good luck with your goals, and see you on Twitter 🙂


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