WIPMarathon (Dec-Jan) Check-In #1

Last Word Count + Chapter Count:

This was just over 12K, however after a lot of trouble and thought, it’s back at zero. Which means I’m working twice as hard this week to make up for the amount of lost time.


Current WC + CC (or SC):

Let’s go with SC which is 1. No, no, I am not very proud of that, but I spent two entire days focusing on fixing what the issue from the zero draft was. I have work to do.


WIP Issues this Week:

The first draft wasn’t working. It was misshapen, out of place, and a lot of the details were lost in the slur of half-thoughts. Re-reading the zero draft (AKA NaNo draft) didn’t help the overwhelming feeling in the slightest. I lost to my lack of self-confidence which resulted in too much heavy focus and a migraine – also to my depression which really decided to bite me this week.


What I learnt this week in writing:

Sometimes you need to really step back and rethink things. That doesn’t mean you lost your original thought, just that it can be lost and you must rediscover it. Writing is hard; zero, first, second, and third draft. Writing is hard. It isn’t always going to just work how you want, there are times you have to make it work and times you have to bend and watch where it might go on it’s own.


I’m not ecstatic about rewriting, this is the eighth time I’ve changed my mind with this novel alone, but I am hopeful that this change was finally the right one (would help if I had more than just myself to talk to about the entire thing too) and this novel will stop driving me bananas. I love the story and the characters, the last thing I want is to watch this novel turn into another deleted file from a laptop I’ve nearly broken working on it.


What distracted me this week while writing:

Life. My son’s birthday was this week, which took time away. My depression kicked in hard shortly there after which removed me from functioning for a couple of days – followed with mind numbing insomnia which made a long-term goal of concentration impossible. All of which resulted in watching three different seasons of television shows; Regular Show Season 4, Game of Thrones Season 3, Rin Season 1.


Last 200 words:

I only have 239 written in this first scene so far… I’m not 100% on keeping them exactly as they are but I might as well toss them up.


Spring break was never long enough; there was never enough time for everything they wanted to do. They were in a never-ending cycle that made it nearly impossible for long weekends alone. It had been three weeks since they had last seen one another, they had barely spoke with her tests and his work schedule. She admired Aubrey; he had the will and courage to stand up for what he believed in, moved out on his own and faced survival on his own. But Aubrey didn’t need a high school diploma with a high GPA for a great college application. His dreams were in an art where schooling wasn’t necessary, his art was of the heart and emotions. He could live with a minimum wage job in a studio apartment, he had been for two years before he decided school was just too much on top of the rest.


She had no choice, she was finishing high school and moving on into the college of her dreams, but she planned to move in with Aubrey after the first year of school. What her parents didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them and she would be nineteen by the time they found out. They had planned out new decorations and more furniture as well as a better arrangement so everything could fit. They were happy and excited about the entire opportunity, finally being together, fully and truly alone without regret or incident.


I really hope I do better next week…

If you want to join us and aren’t sure how, click here!


4 thoughts on “WIPMarathon (Dec-Jan) Check-In #1

  1. Depression has been biting my butt, too. 😦 And I’m also rethinking (and thinking too much), but you have all of us to yak to now. ^_^ Sometimes just talking/writing it out gets the thoughts flowing in the right direction. First drafts are all about figuring things out. Once you know where you’re going, you can get there, even if it takes a few more drafts to do it.

    I hope the next week is better for you! 🙂


    1. It usually helps best to complain to my husband and just try to move on. Even he thinks (and he HATES reading) the new outline will work better in the end. He also spoiled me some for the first time in a long while which should help a fair amount. Now it’s just about getting everything together again. There are still those pieces from the zero draft to slide in but this should work, it really should. I hope this week goes much, much better. 🙂 Thank you!


    1. I think it may be a form of perfectionism but I go from zero draft to third draft (0,1, 2, 3) because usually my zero is the terrible start of a good idea and it isn’t truly a good idea until I reach the second draft.

      Good luck to you also! Hopefully all of us that are behind will be able to catch up and really get something done this week!


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