Last Scene of the Day

After a long day of work, I took a break and discovered that my usb drive was no longer functional. My laptop is borrowed so I cannot hard save onto this hard drive; everything was lost. Because of this I had to start all over again from just the outline – which I wrote in a notebook. All in all, with the crash and other distractions, I managed to rewrite 846 words today. Since I didn’t really have anything for my check in post, here is the last scene written today:

It rained all weekend, leaving them to entertaining themselves indoors – something they were both very creative with. She had woken from a nap to hear music playing softly in the main room of the apartment. She wrapped up in the sheet and curiously peeked around the dividing sheet to see what he was painting.

He had paint splatter over his arms, some in his hair and covering his hands. He was always a messy artist and had no regrets about it, he chewed on a pencil usually while he worked, focusing intently on the piece before him. She knew what face he had, his dark eyebrows knitted together almost furiously while his dark eyes narrowed suspiciously at the canvas now and again in his short pacing. He would purse his lips around the pencil in his mouth, over thinking each stroke of his brush. He hated his work but others could convince him of the beauty, occasionally.


As his thoughts came to a conclusion, the pencil was slipped into place behind his ear, his hand sliding back through his hair before the brush was placed against the canvas and the dance began. She waited, breathless as she watched his focus take a slow, methodical shape that was abstract at the same time. The strokes matched the rhythm of the music playing, his eyes exploring each inch of the work as he went.


He dropped the brush into the water and turned around with a smile, “You know, you are the only person I’m comfortable with watching me.”


She picked up the front of the sheet so she could walk and stopped in front of him, “I know. How long was I asleep?”


“A couple of hours. I called for some take-out so we can keep laying around.”


“You are so thoughtful of my figure, aren’t you?”


“I got you the tofu stuff you like. And I am very thoughtful of your figure,” he set the pallet down and grabbed the front of the sheet, pulling her to him as he laid his hands on her hips. “I’ve been thinking about it since I saw you wrapped in my sheets.”


She giggled, swatting his shoulder playfully, “I hope it stays that way once I move into my dorm.”

“I’m not particularly fond of remembering we will be separated for a month. I don’t see why you don’t just move in here with me and tell your parents to leave you alone.”


“If you hadn’t dropped out it wouldn’t be such a problem but they see you as a bad influence now. I’m moving in after my first year and I will be down the street, I can stay here most of the time.”


He started to speak again but the doorbell rang and he sighed shaking his head in defeat.

I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else, it’s pretty awful.


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