The New WIP – Bleeding Hearts

Last week I decided that I was going to give up on the WIPMarathon when U.U. stopped being kind, but I felt awful for it afterward. I took a decent break from writing anything at all and sat around the house watching movies and television. When that grew boring I stepped into my Kindle to read some of the books I had downloaded but never gotten around to opening up. From reading those two books I was recharged to try one more time. Instead of trying my hand at forcing U.U. into doing what I wanted, I put it away and marked the folder [On Hold] then moved on.


It took a while of sitting and thinking, listening to a lot of music and word vomiting into a document for a couple of hours before Bleeding Hearts emerged from the stain on the floor. It emerged and wrapped itself tight around my brain, refusing to let me go, thus I began the zero draft for the idea I never fleshed out but had a while back. In addition to the changed WIP for WIPMarathon, I made the decision to unplug myself when I write, that way I’m not distracted. This means that my daily goal will go up on Twitter before I start writing and I won’t respond to anything until after I’m finished with the daily word count. I did this in 2012 for NaNoWriMo and it worked great, so I’m utilizing it again – otherwise I will spend hours scrolling through Tumblr and getting nothing done.


Now, for fun, here’s the opener for Bleeding Hearts (even if not kept in the later drafts, this is what got me started from my previously announced defeat):

 We hadn’t known what was going to happen. We knew of the disease spreading rapidly, but never imagined such terror. My older brother was in training, preparing for his swearing in and transporting to an official training facility. He overheard a shocking conversation one day in the locker room, what the orders were if the disease continued it’s violent course. He was horrified.


Rhys came home without warning, explaining everything to our Mother before I arrived with my best friend, Ophelia. Hiding was the only option.


So we hid. Waiting for the world to settle back down, the military to grow tired and go back in the city. But Mother grew ill – the disease found it’s way inside our home. We needed supplies, Mother needed medicine, and that began our journeys outside in the changed environment.


In a world where evil had become law and rebellion became duty.


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