WIPMarathon Check-In #2

Just to inform everyone, I did change what I’m working on for this. I felt terrible about trying to back out and changed my mind since there is something that wants to be written and thus far it’s going just fine. However that could be just because I know this is another zero draft I can do whatever I want with. But I didn’t give up all the way and even a day late to the check-in I have a chunk done! Not the 3.5K/5K I plan for a daily goal… hey, I’m human right?


Last Word Count + Chapter Count:



Current WC + CC (or SC):



WIP Issues this week:

Uhm… You know what, just go to this post, it and the comments will explain what happened for ‘issues’ this week. However, I have started another WIP for this marathon which I have never really sat down to write but it’s nagging me bad enough now it is time to put it into a document. I was also distracted by the early Christmas present from the in-laws which was pretty epic to say the least. (They bought us a washer and dryer, yes I am that much of a housewife, but I’ve never owned my own appliances so…) There was also the distraction of Bonnie & Clyde and I read a couple of amazing books while I took my break. 314 by A.R. Wise and Selling Scarlett by Ella James, give ’em a shot when you have a chance if you like Horror and Romance (I have an addiction to them).


What I learnt this week in writing:

Sometimes you just need to put away one WIP that’s overwhelming you with stress and work on something else. Thank you to the various people who bothered to drill that into my head, by the way. If it hadn’t been for you guys ‘hitting the nail right on the head’ I would have given up and stayed in my nest of blankets crying which is something my husband loathes greatly. So thanks guys and gals for all the support that pulled me through.


What distracted me this week while writing:

Oddly enough, since I switched WIPs – the new one has a name but I’m not disclosing it yet – I haven’t had so many issues with distraction other than when my playlist gets old but I think I made one that fits to what I’m writing now. I did spend an entire day reading Selling Scarlett instead of writing but that was during my little mini-vacation I announced I was taking via my Twitter. Otherwise nothing more than the usual necessary distractions – food, coffee, stretch breaks, etc.


Last 200 Words:

This is going to be funny given it’s highly out of context, and 243 words, but enjoy!


There are other survivors, nearly a hundred, we are a community that protects each other. If there happened to be other survivors that you knew, you would all be welcome in our little community. The patrols can’t find us where we are, it’s safe to live there. It’s an offer, take it or leave it but it will stand. Go back to the pharmacy and leave a sign, it will be checked twice a week. If you so choose to join us, we will supply you with a map that will end at the gate as well as the code that will allow you inside once you reach it.”


“So you kidnapped me just to offer some trap?” I asked suspiciously.


“No, it’s an offer of safety, but you would have to go on a whim to believe such a thing. You are free to go,” he cut away the bindings from behind me and drifted back into the shadows before I could see his face again. “Up the stairs, you will have to find your way home from there.”


“Oh no, you made me drop my bag with all my emergency and navigational provisions. You aren’t about to abandon me somewhere unknown, replace what I lost or take me back to the pharmacy,” I demanded, rubbing my wrists and stretching my back.


“Well I could do both, but the question then is, how willing are you to travel in the dark?”


As a side note: This is my first attempt at going with First-Person, I have never been a huge fan of it but I thought why not do something different.

Good luck this week everyone!
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2 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Check-In #2

  1. I loved this out-of-context excerpt! It has humor dancing somewhere in the periphery. And your first voice sounds great!

    But most importantly, I love that you didn’t give up! Sometimes, the story is not right for your mood/brain and you have to put it away till later.

    Good luck next week!


    1. Thanks! I can only watch it get better, there is a giant tension between the two characters in the excerpt but it is fairly humorous to watch play out. Can’t wait to get started working on it daily like I should be!

      Good luck to you as well! I’m glad I decided against my defeat too.


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