WIPMarathon (Dec-Jan Edition) Check-In #3

Yes, I did it again and I regret nothing!


Last Word Count + Chapter Count:

Last week’s word count for Bleeding Hearts was 239.

Current WC + CC (or SC):

The current word count for Bleeding Heart is 2,610 which is two and a half chapters – not too bad. However, I switched WIPs again. The new one is currently at 20,025 words. (Done in a weekend, that’s two days, oh yeah!) Yes, I have a terrible habit of doing this, such is my life. The grand upside to all of this will follow shortly!

WIP Issues this week: 

I wrote a very emotional, somewhat traumatic scene in Bleeding Hearts, due to the severity of that scene, I actually put B.H. away so I wouldn’t feel the urge to force choke an inanimate object. When I decided to try and work on it again, a new idea bit me and demanded attention. I was still hesitating about B.H. so I switched WIPs. Tada!

What distracted me this week while writing:

Actual distractions weren’t too terrible this week. We had a family reunion Saturday, I spent all of Sunday unplugged and typing like a madwoman, thus my check in is late. Other than that, not too much distracted me, that one scene just really, really bothered me.

Last 200 words:

(It’s really 350 roundabout, but I figured I would be generous with the conversation context)

Tavros’ grin was similar to Moran’s, however his was more lopsided and friendly, less of a devilish rogue carried through each expression, it was still there, but not as prominently as with the rest of the crew. He grinned at her again, “He’s the Captain, it’s part of the job to be mean, if he’s not we get killed, but mean in a particular way, of course. Wrong kind of mean is worse than not mean at all. Yes, I do enjoy it, but then I’m on the right ship to get the best of both. I regularly get to visit our home town and get to see all sorts of places instead of just one little ledge.”


He tossed a rock at Betharos, showing that she wasn’t the only once who knew how, but the man’s shoulders had started shaking a trifle, which annoyed Tavros to no end as he knew why the other was suppressing laughter – at least he was still suppressing it. Martiya eyed the pair of them curiously, “Mmhmm, what aren’t you telling me that he’s snickering about like a little girl then?”


He gave Betharos a dirty look before answering irritably, “He’s my cousin too. It’s a pain being around people who know every little mistake you ever made and laugh over it at the wrong time.” He hissed an insult to his older cousin.


Betharos shrugged and spread his hands, “Not my fault. You’re the one what picked which ship to stowaway on.”


Tavros made a face, his voice resigned and yet somehow a small boy that had just been caughted lurked under the tone, “Betharos, you didn’t have to tell her that.”


Martiya laughed so hard her ribs hurt before she guessed between breaths, “Moran beat you within an inch of your existence like any older cousin or sibling would?”


Eyes downcast at having to admit it didn’t go a wat that made him look good instead of like a boy caught in mischief, “Yeah, he did. He’s got a heavy hand when he gets started and he made me scrub deck the whole trip. But I got to stay as crew once we got back and he talked with my parents.” His eyes came up to give Betharos a ‘so there’ look before he reached out and poured more wine into his cup.


I am very seriously in need of a reader for this WIP though. It’s already so long in two days, I’m certain there are errors hidden away in it. If you are interested feel free to contact me, all the ways are listed. I hope everyone else has a fabulous week of writing!


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