10 Fun Facts about Adventures in the Firemists

I have been so caught up in writing I have neglected every social media/blog site I have an account on. I decided, at the very least, I could give a tiny amount of information. Thus I chose the fun facts about my new WIP which no one really knows much about. Can’t hurt right?


  • Fun Fact 1: Cragdemar is the largest plateau with the highest population.
  • Fun Fact 2: You should never challenge the crew of the Morgadanya to a drinking match, they always win. Especially the Captain.
  • Fun Fact 3: You should wear your boots, even to bed, never know what may stir while you’re sleeping.
  • Fun Fact 4: Don’t underestimate women, they are much crueler than men and hit the heart instead of the body.
  • Fun Fact 5: Natives to Cragdemar all carry a red hue to their hair.
  • Fun Fact 6: The Sea of Fire was always there but invisible until the world changed with the misuse of magic.
  • Fun Fact 7: Metal is too precious to use it carelessly and will bring raiders after you.
  • Fun Fact 8: The Gods of Wind do not demand following, they are followed because many live their lives by the mercy of the ever changing, constant winds.
  • Fun Fact 9: The wild storms can destroy entire towns overnight if there is no one there with the skills of an Air Mage.
  • Fun Fact 10: Magic is too dangerous to be relied on in battle.


Well, there are ten fun facts about Adventures in the Firemists, which I think needs a different title, but I have yet to come up with anything else. I am still looking for a reader for this and hopefully tomorrow, I will have met my end of the week goal which is 50,000 words. That’s a lot in two weeks, but this story has yet to slow or stop and how long it will be is anyone’s guess. I’m pretty sure though, that it’s going to qualify as a fantasy novel and not a novella. If you’re interested in being a beta/alpha/omega reader, contact me.


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