Firemists Excerpt

I’m feeling generous and found a piece to share. Here’s an excerpt from Firemists all shiny and bright and never seen by anyone but me. Remember, I’m still looking for beta readers, if your interested contact me in one of the various manners available all over the internet. Enjoy!

Honor the Skylaw,

Honor the Rite;

All is well.

In his passing of the Great Rune, he noticed the pair of children; the girl sitting on the wall daringly and the smaller boy standing like a young soldier ready to do her bidding. He was somewhat curious of the girl’s age, there was a chance she looked young but was old enough and she looked about the proper age. She was leaning over the side of the wall, staring down at the clouds of steam over the molten sea, it was almost a straight drop to death.

“You realize, girl, that unless you can sprout wings, you might want to get off that wall before you’re blown off. How old are you?” his grin was wide and wicked as he asked bluntly; debating whether he should invite her to his chambers or go on down to the tavern where the wenches were willing. Though her brother may try decking him for the implications, it was a risk he was willing to take.

She smiled sweetly, “I won’t fall. I’m fifteen… You have a beautiful ship and a crew that lives up to reputation.” When her brother continued standing with his mouth hanging open she sighed softly, “You will have to excuse my brother, he’s still a child and has forgotten he knows how to speak.”

“I was a afraid that was your age, ah well,” he sighed and gave up, it would be a few years still then. He bowed slightly at the waist, “We are the crew of the Morgadanya, wilder than the Firehawks that hunt the molten sea.”


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