WIPMarathon (Dec-Jan) Check-In #4

It’s that time of the week and I am actually going to be on time! Shocking isn’t it? So, last week, I changed my WIP for the second time because I’m a bit of a flake and I have to regularly feed my garden of plot bunnies that don’t give up. Firemists, or Adventures in the Firemists – I’m still working on the title but Firemists is sort of sticking. I love this WIP! It has been fabulous, still rolling and I am enjoying the entire story.

I’m also still looking for a beta reader (I call them beta/alpha/omega readers for odd reasons I might explain another time) for this WIP. For this, I need to be sent your e-mail address in whatever private manner you’re most comfortable with and we’ll work everything out from there. This will be a serious reader role, I have written most of this WIP so quickly I am positive there are a vast amount of errors and it is only the zero draft. So, if you wanna do it, I’m going to pester you the entire time once I get into the editing phase.

Moving on…

Last Word Count + Chapter Count:

20,025. It still amazes me it’s been happening in such ginormous chunks.

Current WC + CC (or SC):

51, 576 WC.. Unfortunately, I do not have this WIP broken down into chapters, at all. It’s a giant block of text in my FocusWriter that I cannot stop working on. Yeah, I know, I am going to have to split it up eventually.

WIP Issues this week:

I have a small list of peeves I’m 99% positive I will find in the zero draft, and I’m trying not to focus on them too hard:

  • Lack of world/scenery description – Firemists is gorgeous and I really don’t want to slack on just how beautiful and harsh the world really is.
  • Lack of character description – I know for a fact that this has happened, it’s the conversations that make the characters interesting right now. I have skipped lots of little details that I will have to add in editing.
  • Too much dialogue – I’m not sure this is actually an issue… Cause all the conversations are important but… See why I need a reader for this?

The other issue I have, is the reader thing. Call me desperate, but I really, really want someone else to love this as much as I do or at least see it and give me some sort of feedback on it as a whole.

What I learnt this week in writing:

Uhm… Hmm… This is a tough one because I’ve been writing. Just pounding out for hours at a time so… Pass!

What distracted me this week while writing:

Well, there was Christmas dinner with the in-laws, which has finally become less awkward! Took three years, but it’s not so awkward to sit and eat and talk together – I’m also an introvert so it takes me time to get comfortable enough to speak to people. The usual distractions by Hubby which are bound to happen, but he’s using them wisely now so that I take a break when I need one and don’t burn out on some 6 hour writing run or some such nonsense. Oh, and I almost broke the washing machine. That took up half a day. Long story short, I started to burn out the motor, that’s not covered in the warranty, tried it a couple of days later and it still works so the warranty will cover if it happens to shut itself down. Keypoint: I did not break our Christmas present from his parents. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary really distracted me, I spent most of my time unplugged and writing.

Last 200 Words:

This isn’t the last 200, because the last 200 won’t make any sense out of context, at all, so I moved it up some. Okay, a lot, but the rest would throw a big spoiler and that’s no fun. And it’s longer than 200, because reasons! And a tiny, almost spoiler about some stuff…


They whirled away to bring him the flying thing safely, Moran chuckling and turning his head giving her a grin, “The little ones can be a great deal like children and they’re fun to dance with.”

On the ship, Rathos grinned as the ship’s travel eased and he settled back to watch with interest. Vicaras considering his odd behavior, “What?”

Rathos waved a hand at the port, “Captain know we’re coming, he sent help to get us in quicker and safely. Wind spirits all over the place.”

Betharos and Nithan appeared from somewhere, watching the ship coming in while Moran settled comfortably on the wall near her without crowding. Martiya rested her chin on one knee as she watched the ship become larger and larger as it approached the docks. She took several deep breaths, her head spinning around when a large hand fell on her shoulder.

Betharos whispered to her reassuringly, “It’s fine Martiya, you’re supposed to miss your loved ones, to want to come home to them again or see them come home to you. Hell, look at the Captain, he loved the Morgadanya more than most will ever realize. He’s having to pretend he’s not wanting to cry too, because she’s coming home to him.”

Do you see why I love it so much yet? It’s fabulous! I made my goal this week, hope everyone else made theirs! Can’t wait to see what everyone was up to while I was so insanely focused.


6 thoughts on “WIPMarathon (Dec-Jan) Check-In #4

  1. Wow! You’re really going on this! That is so awesome! And gosh, I love your title!! I wish I could come up with stuff like that.

    Passion for a project is so important. It’s always so exciting when something grabs at us and won’t let us go. 🙂


    1. I’ve been surprised a time or two with how much I’ve gotten done. The title is actually the name of the area they live in, I think I may stick with it as the title.

      I have so much passion for this one, so much more than the others I’ve worked on which come and go. This one, however, has glued itself to me and cannot be shaken free. It demands to be written. 🙂


  2. I love the title “Firemists.” Also, it sounds like you suffer from some of the same writing issues as I do–too much dialogue, and not enough description. Those things are relatively easy to fix on edits, though.


    1. I’m not positive there’s actually ‘too much dialogue’ instead of there is just mostly dialogue and it’s waiting for me to add description which will balance it. That’s all really thoughts for editing though and that’s not quite where I am, just yet. Could be in the editing phase in the next couple of weeks, there’s no telling where it’s going to take me with the amount I’ve been pounding the keys. I have always loved “Firemists” just wasn’t positive that should be the title, though from the response it’s gotten, I think I might keep it.


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