WIPMarathon Check-In #6

I’m a day late, but with valid reason!

Last Word Count + Chapter Count:


Current WC + CC (or SC):

74,250 without chapters or proper scene cuts and lots of errors mixed in.

WIP Issues this week:

Well, there’s the dramatic scene that leads to the arrival in the next area on the ship which tapped my brain out for a couple of days. Other than that, it’s just been shifting a lot of word choices which is demolishing my WC pretty regularly. I see an over worded sentence above where I’m working and I wind up editing it into something nicer. Five paragraphs I have done this to and it dropped my WC by around 2.5K. Yes, I slammed my head down when I realized what I did and I can only hope it’s for the better of the story rather than my lack of confidence in my own words.

What I learnt this week in writing:

Actually, this was something I had to teach Hubby. Word count isn’t everything. Quality over quantity. He figured with the number of words I should be close to finished, I had to make him understand that’s just the number of words so far and I don’t have a set amount of words to reach. This isn’t NaNoWriMo, which he had apparently thought this was. At the same time, however, I taught myself the same thing. I love having such a huge WC already, but at the same time, I know the WC is going to change and probably drastically. What matters is the quality of the words, the story, and the characters, not the quantity of crap I can smear over it to try and make it seem like quality.

What distracted me this week while writing:

The usual culprits, and my brother-in-law. Hubby’s eldest brother is in town from Hawaii for the next month. Not only has he never met me, he hadn’t even heard of me until Christmas. (Hubby and his big brother rarely talk being so far apart) So that has been quite the adventure. Another thing that distracted me out of the blue was a family emergency. My younger (and by younger I mean 4 months apart in age) cousin went into preterm labor this week and is now staying in the hospital until her child’s born. She’s only six months pregnant and this is the first child who has made it to the third trimester for her, so it’s pretty intense especially after all the trouble she’s had in the past. Ahem, so, yeah, there’s that.

Last 200 Words:

Non-spoiler but fun conversation.

The boy waited his turn before telling the Captain, “I went to the temple to see Tiya. Tavros told me to send a message for him, Tiya won’t stay calm without him there so he needs you to send word to his family. The healers are going to keep him there until she’s better. Oh, and he said to tell you to be careful, Nyphera is going to be Tiya’s Trainer when she’s better.”

Vicaras grinned behind the boy at the warning, Moran calmly nodding to the boy, “I’ll make sure and send the message to his family, though I suspect by now it’s known over half the local ledges. A new Wind Talker being in the sanctuary is an interesting topic for most here. Thank you for the messages Shav, enjoy your lesson with Betharos.”

Both men waited until the boy was out of sight before Vicaras laughed, “I see she still catches things. Didn’t you used to throw things at her, Captain?”

Moran tilted his head, giving his first mate a side long look, “Not knives. I’m not surprised, I probably should have taken Martiya’s blades away. Yet at the same time, none of us react well to being unarmed. It could have panicked her.”

Vicaras chuckled, “You’re lucky she just caught them and threw them back.”

Moran grinned with wicked amusement, “You all just wanted to see if she beat me senseless.”

“Well, it would have been interesting since no one has done that in a while. We might have learned new techniques,” the first mate admitted with his own wicked grin.

I hope everyone made their goals and continues to make them this week!


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