What to do, how about you?

Weird title…oh well. Hi everybody!

Guys and gals, ladies and gentlemen, lasses and lads, and even you awkward person sitting in the back row pretending you don’t care, how have you all been? Good? Bad? In between? Well, I have a blog post for you, a new one that isn’t for WIPMarathon. Sadly that great event has come to an end beyond the monthly check-ins, which means this blog needs something to do and that is where everyone else comes in!

This is a blog for my writing, which means that’s front and center, but I’m a terrible review writer. I’ve seen most everyone else writing reviews and other such things, but I’m really bad at that. However, I do read a lot of the internet published stories via Wattpad and FictionPress, there are a few on StoryWrite I like as well but I just started those. My actual tastes in ‘I spent money on this’ novels… Well, to be honest, I get made fun of for it nine times out of ten. (Which I find hilarious considering what those people read, but I’m not being mean today.) I have a Goodreads account, which has my physical book collection on it and sometimes I might get a little squeaky about getting the newest novel, other than that I keep my reading books to myself. The reason for this, beyond being teased and tormented, most of the books I give a chance are the ones that get slammed by reviewers on Amazon. I don’t mean the ‘3 stars, there were plot holes‘ slammed, I mean slammed. ‘This is atrocious. Why would anyone ever read this?’ etc. Why do this? Because most of what I decide to write, doesn’t fit into a neat pile of mainstream cow dung and a lot of those authors are getting grief for having an original idea that steps on a line or two. (Within reason, I know some of the books I pick out are actually just that bad and I can’t even chew on it to the end.)

You know what I say to that? Go for it! You have an original idea, you pour your heart into it, and you keep going!

Ahem, I got off-topic, I apologize.

Firemists is the main focus WIP for this year, I want to complete and publish my lovely. The CoF series is always being gently worked on without rushing it because it is an illegitimate love-child that we are making with the utmost care. Firemists will be my personal main focus for quite a while and the editing of the WIP (which is occasionally live and why I lost 4 Twitter followers) will clog up my Twitter.


So, I ask, what to post now? I made two polls for you all to vote on. I’m excited to see what you think should come next. To all my fellow writers: I hope you’re making all your goals, if you ever need a pep talk, I’m not too hard to find for it and always willing to help where I can! 🙂



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