WIPMarathon March Report (#1)

I’m a day early! I won’t have internet access until late tomorrow and I figured it would be better to get it out early instead of waiting until early Sunday morning, which would probably be the time before I finished typing this entire post. So, day early check-in initiated! I can’t wait to finally log on Saturday night and see how everyone has been doing though! I keep up with most everyone’s tweets, those of you who do tweet often at least, (I’m getting better about keeping up with things! It’s a learning process!) which is partially why I am so excited to see the check-ins. Firemists has had some ups and downs with me, but I did not give up on it. This WIP is the one (to me at least) that will be the IT WIP. This is the one I’m going to push for publication, plus it has a sequel… or two. I’m not 100% on how many books this might stretch, for now we’ll say a trilogy.

I do have one beta reader for Firemists and, I think, she finally started reading it this weekend. The lovely and fantastic MM Jaye! *crowd cheers* You can find out more about her awesomeness here, on her blog: Click to be transported! She is uh-may-zing, seriously for what she’s doing for me, uh-may-zing! Because the zero draft (or rough/first draft to the rest of the world) of Firemists is atrocious. I have skimmed through it multiple times and caught some of the worst typos I think I have ever managed. That was just some of them too, I know there are more my word processor isn’t picking up – and for that I THANK YOU!

So, down to business, yeah?

Last report word count + chapter count/scene count:

109,275 words, no chapters (I’m telling you the zero draft is a mess! But a mess in need of awesome editing!)

Current report WC + CC:

The zero draft, broken down, is 61 chapters long and 109,275 words. The SC: I have no earthly idea, I never count scenes.

The current edit, however, is as follows: about 10K edited for WC, 4.5 chapters in.

WIP Issues This Month:

Well… I had one of those big bouts of self-doubt first. After that it was the overwhelming ‘how am I going to edit all of this garbage?‘ and you can guess how long that battle continued. Eventually though, with awesome help from awesome people, I started getting the hang of it and began the editing. It was about halfway through that burst of ‘yay’ that I realized I needed to settle down and get serious. So I stopped editing and went to outlining. The zero draft has the literal bare bones of the entire story in it, some pieces even have some meat to them, but it’s a mostly eaten plate of ribs and not a rack of ribs steaming hot on a plate with side items and a drink in front of you. (Why I chose BBQ ribs for this, I don’t know.)


I have decided, because of the lack of delicious food set out before the reader, or writer, that it needed much more work. I made up an outline, I researched, and I spent about two days just laying around reading to rest my brain before I started the coffee drip that will make up all of my energy through March!

Four things I learned this month in writing:

  1. Now isn’t the time to rush through everything. Now is the time to focus very carefully and add the meat bits, THEN the sauce. (I need to stop using food references… but they work so well)
  2. Doing this mostly solo is going to suck. With no CPs and one beta reader… Hard work ahead of me!
  3. I have so much description to add to Firemists! It took reading something else for it to dawn on me fully. I mean, I knew I left some parts lacking, but after taking time off it’s seriously in perspective for me how much Firemists is lacking in the descriptive department. But like I said, the bare bones are there at least!
  4. Uhm…. Fourth thing…. Reading. Reading is my fourth thing I learned. I hadn’t picked up a book in a while, I was pushing hard to constantly work on Firemists and it shows I think. Reading other work within the same genre or even a different genre will not only relax you but also really show you what your work is missing. I picked something outside my genre so I don’t wind up accidentally copying it. (It’s dystopian dark fantasy, which Firemists is not, so no plagiarizing, even on accident.)

What distracted me this month while writing:

There’s some personal stuff going on that’s fairly distracting, let alone my day-to-day living which…. can get interesting. As introverted as I am, Hubby is not and he tends to have a friend over at least once a week, most of whom I’ve warmed up to in regard to socializing. Also, roommate (cause we have a roommate) and his girlfriend decided to have their personal problems in our living room. Said event resulted in me sitting in the corner having an anxiety attack for three days which was less than pleasant for all involved. (And the older I get, the worse they get) Other than that nothing really out of the ordinary. Daily house chores and the like, Monday nights I take a half hour break and watch Archer. There is very little that fully distracts me outside my own mind.

Goal for next month:

My goal for next month, which would be April 1st (funny side note: my cousin’s baby is due that same day)… Okay, firstly, I have Firemists split into four Acts/Parts. At minimum, I want to have the first part/act edited and ready for a reader (if I ever get more than one). The goal I aim to achieve is to have the first, or second, half of Firemists edited and ready. If I can’t make the goals then I am grounding myself from the internet until I do.

Last 200 words:

This one is pretty funny. Just for reference; they’re sneaking around the town with the sun coming up quick behind them.

He edged along the wall of the building, considering the way they needed to travel to get out of the dock area. Whispering over his shoulder to her, “We go up this alley to reach the back cliff, then follow the street that runs along it’s base until we reach a certain inn there. The huntress and the rest of the crew will be there waiting.”

“Why didn’t you just say that in the first place? I could have taken you there a faster way, you’re making things more difficult than they need to be. Come on, old man, let’s go.”

He leaned his head down as she passed, whispering in her ear, “Don’t forget that I mentioned spanking.”

She felt the heat in her cheeks and paused, but he slipped around her, out of the tiny section of ledge. He drifted up the narrow, twisted, and still dark alley in the shadow of the cliff and blocked from the morning sun by the towering building. She followed after him, noting how many windows lit up as they went and the ones that went dark. The path she had been down before on the other side of the buildings. The market filled with vender stalls and shops, residences stacked above them and connected with bridges after a certain height. From behind, it looked the same as home, or what had been her home until recent events.

She followed him, drifting from corner to corner of each building. The street beyond silent other than the occasional door opening and closing or shoes crunching on the ground.

I hope everyone else has been doing great, can’t wait to find out tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “WIPMarathon March Report (#1)

  1. You’re really getting through your edits, one day at a time. So much amazing progress! (and wow, 61 chapters is a lot!) Sending you lots of chocolate to get through!

    I can relate with your first and fourth lessons. I need to keep reminding myself not to rush my work, and not to panic when I feel I’m not fast enough. And reading is great, although of course, there’s that little period where a bout of insecurity follows.

    Good luck with your first act this month!


  2. Sometimes it only takes one second opinion to make a big difference. Going at this mostly solo does suck, I do it all the time, but trust me, you will learn SO much more from being forced to find and fix things on your own. And you’re doing the right thing, reading good books and figuring out what you might be missing from there.

    Good luck with these edits! You’re totally right. Editing is the time to slow down and put the meat the on the story bones. 🙂


  3. First I’d like to applaud your word count in itself. I’ve never written anything over 90K. (I’m all Middle Grade and YA) 109K is incredible to me. And I think if you have the drive to write like that, you have the drive to edit it too. 😉 Keep truckin.

    And yay for Betas! Good for you. I’m so grateful for my CPs and Betas. They’re our eyes on this journey.




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