Busy, busy, busy

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while, I know, but life is what it is. I have been so busy lately and hardly at all with Firemists, unfortunately. First it was Her Royal Majesty’s (my daughter) birthday which had the coolest Rainbow Dash cake I think I have ever seen. Most of the time we actually spent talking about books, because she is the coolest 7 year old in the world and she reads as much as I do. I also convinced her to try NaNoWriMo this year, which I will have to remind her of closer to November. (Honestly, I have been and probably will always be over the moon about how much she takes after me.) With all of that was my spending the better part of three days drawing her present which she loved and forgot she asked me to do.

That was distraction number 1. The second distraction was our new car! We got a new car over the weekend, finally replacing the old one which was on it’s last legs. It’s a 2011 Corolla which I have fallen in love with (it’s also black) and have been assured that when Hubby gets something new, it will be mine. That’s been a bit of a squeal for me (and the minions, but mostly me).

Third, not sure why I’m keeping count, I got behind on housework which has taken a substantial amount of time away from other things. However, in addition to that… Let’s face it housework is a bad excuse, I made a Google+ Community! =O Yup, I made my very own, and first, Google+ Community called: Writing with the Jones’. (Name is subject to change, fyi) It’s a private community for introverted writers on Google+. For more information, see below.

Writing with the Jones’
This is a community for the truly introverted and socially awkward writers among us. There are more and more of us forced out of our shell in this business, but writing is hard and you shouldn’t have to do it alone just because you aren’t a social butterfly.

In this community we are one another’s critique partners, support group, beta readers, whatever you might need. If you need someone to cry to because the last scene or chapter ripped your heart open, we’re here. If you need someone to tell you if this is a bad idea or not (in regard to writing), we’re here. If you just need someone to read your work, we’re here.

This is a private support group for introverted writers. We’re here to help you, not hinder you. If you are in need of aforementioned services or are just an introverted writer working their way out of the closet and into the spotlight feel free to ask about joining.

Other than that, uhm, Firemists is still slow progress. I have most of the first act broken down in my yWriter, but it’s not looking good or easy. Lots of work to be done to truly complete this MS, but I’m not giving up. I do, regardless of progress, intend to start working on the sequel in June. Even if the original is barely edited, the sequel is being written. There are a few beginning stage WIPs tucked away on my computer, but none of them are highly important. They have become my fallback projects, when I burn out on Firemists, I pick up one of the new ideas and play with it here and there. Mostly I am taking my sweet time editing Firemists. It is a 109K rough draft written in a month, it needs more than one month for editing. Possibly 2-4 months would be a better idea, for the editing process at least. Sadly, I haven’t heard any word from my beta reader so I’m still editing on the blind side, considering I think it’s complete crap and would just delete it if I could get away with it. (Hubby won’t let me be that defeated, he has backups on his computer and another one just in case. Isn’t he awesome?)

That’s about all for today folks and do please feel free to join the community! I plan on carefully watching the size so it doesn’t swallow itself with too many people. I want everyone to be close and friendly, not thousands of people trying to shot with a louder voice than the person next to them. I hope everyone has been doing amazing, if you haven’t been… *virtual hugs and candies of your choice* I will see everyone again next week hopefully! I swear I am working on making this more orderly and less chaos, bear with me. 😀

Many blessings to you and yours!


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