WIPMarathon Monthly (Report #2)

Hi everyone!

It’s the last Saturday of the month again and that means WIPMarathon time! I didn’t meet my goal but there is a legitimate reason for said failure!

Last Report Word Count + Chapter Count:

Zero Draft – 109,275 words, 61 chapters

First Edit – 10,000 words, 4.5 chapters

Current Report WC + CC:

11,097 words, 4 chapters

WIP Issues This Month:

Uhm… Well, I heard back from the lovely and talented MM Jaye, who confirmed what I thought, but wasn’t 100%, was wrong. To be honest, I haven’t had any issues with Firemists, the characters, the plot, self-doubt – none of those this time. The issue is… well keep reading.

Four things I learned this month in writing:

  1. The joy of hearing back from a beta reader is almost as overwhelming as having your first child. I wasn’t sure if she would finish it, she wasn’t sure if she would finish it, and so I sat on needles for a while. Once I got the email though, if I had wings, I would have flown out of the atmosphere.

  2. In-depth character sheets are the way to go when you get stuck. I had an issue with a lot of blurring between a couple of the characters in the zero draft where they said several generic lines, so I had to find a way to fix it. Thus was born; major and minor character beat sheets, made by me!

  3. Researching can be tedious but fun once you realize how much you learned from it.

  4. WRITER BEWARE! Long hours of work, day after day, month after month, really wears on a laptop and keyboard. I broke mine while editing Firemists.

What distracted me this month while writing:

Mostly the broken keyboard issue… My daughter’s birthday was at the beginning of the month and a few other fun things, but my main obstacle is a broken keyboard. (And let me tell you, mobile blog posting is some serious work, fyi.) Other than that, I started up a couple of playful side projects that are better suited to the short spurts of writing time I get for the time being. One is dark urban fantasy, one is erotic horror, and one is still in the brainstorming process.

Unfortunately, I won’t be getting my laptop replaced for an indefinite amount of weeks, which means lots of sprints on Hubby’s desktop when he isn’t using it. All of my social media will be on light and random posts until the laptop is replaced or I have enough time on the desktop to get a few things queued up.

Goal for next month:

Uhm, get the laptop replaced… The same as last month, since this broken keyboard thing is a serious issue and happened in the middle of editing.

If the laptop gets fixed/replaced: Edit Act One

If not…: Edit half of Act One. That’s pretty realistic if I focus my sprints, but still really unlikely.

If nothing else: Maybe 2,000 words added to the count? Up to chapter five?

Last 200 Words:

Ahem, instead of the last 200 words I wrote… I’m going to see what you think of the opener. (There’s a prologue before it, but that’s all set up. A visual map of the setting, if you will.)

Entering the Dockside Tavern for the first time a soft sigh of amazement left his lungs as his eyes roamed the main room. The building was a structure of three wooden walls and a roof, joining with the stone mesa that created the scarp where the town had been built. Within settled a large main room filled with tables, chairs, and high backed benches all made of worn wood, most of the tables stained with rings from spilled tankards. Lining half the stone wall was the bar, barrels of various liquor and wine stacked against the stone with labels on those available. Wooden stools lined the greasy bar, a short distance from them was an alcove, opening up the stone where a staircase had been carved into the cliff, allowing access to the upper floors of the inn. Some of the rooms had balconies that overlooked the town, others were deeper into the stone but more available.

The tavern and inn offered many things, especially for the crewmen that came and went from the port regularly. Unfortunately, he had not entered the tavern for the leisure it offered, he was there to work. His older sister volunteered him as a runner for a ship master who came to port with rare resources and would pay a hefty portion for a good runner. Every merchant in the town had crammed into the tavern, arguing with one another around a single table where the captain sat casually. Black leather boots propped in a chair near him, crossed at the ankles. Dark brown breeches reached up his legs, the light colored, collared tunic trimmed with a brightly embroidered vest. His skin was dark olive hinted with a pink undertone from exposure to the sun during ship voyages. Wavy black hair tied in a tail at the base of his skull. His gunmetal blue eyes rested on the cargo manifest, laid out on the table before him, his tankard held in one hand while he listened to the bickering merchants.

I hope everyone else had a better time of it than I did. Also, a gigantic THANK YOU to MM Jaye for her epic beta reading skills.


9 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Monthly (Report #2)

  1. Hmm I would have to try those charactr beat sheets! I have for major characters, but not minor ones.

    I can imagine how it feels that someone else loves your work. I get so jittery thinking about how others might react to my work. What if it still sucks after all the time I’ve spent on it? Keeping my fingers crossed though.

    We miss you and hope you get to make some progress next month in spite of your broken laptop!


    1. Mine are pretty much the same, the minor is just less in-depth as the major. Still everything you need to know about the character just not quite so deep.

      I was terrified what I might hear back. The entire time I had that thought, “What if it still sucks after all the time I’ve spent on it?” As well as the, “What if it’s a complete waste of time?” All those fun anxious thoughts when you know someone is reading your work and you aren’t sitting in their head listening to their thoughts as they read. I was pleasantly surprised though. I know I could have gotten a much more pointedly mean critique, there were some serious errors I worried might have ripped it to shreds.

      I hope I get, at least, a little done next month. More so that the laptop gets replaced so I don’t have to keep my fingers and toes crossed I make something by next report. I will be around, just at oddball times. Sort of gone but not forgotten, right? 🙂


  2. Oh no! Broken computer! 😦 I hope you’re back online soon!

    Good luck with your editing and time management! That’s so great you’ve found someone to give you good feedback. I have a chapter out with someone. I’m frightened for my story. I don’t think it’s that bad, it’s just, she lives to rip stuff to shreds, you know.

    So, the opener has a lot of description in it. It would probably be better if you weaved it into the scene. Like have your character actually start roaming around or whatever and describing all that stuff as he gets to it. It sounds like it looks great, it’s just a lot up front.


    1. I’m still online most of the time, I can use the smartphone for some things. Writing and blog posting though… I cannot be bothered pretending I even have the capacity for that much patience.

      My beta was amazing, I hope I get a couple more for when the first edit is ready to be read. She managed to make it through my horrid zero draft so she gets super power brownie points for not tearing me apart when she sent me the overall review. I’ve heard from a lot of people you need the vicious reviews too, it gives you a balance. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. 🙂

      This is the first time anyone has seen the new opening of chapter 1. I wasn’t quite sure how it was coming along, because I’m supremely biased about it. I’m probably over info-dumping because I didn’t info-dump enough in the last draft… Ah well, there will be a balance in there eventually. Just takes a few edits, yeah? 😛


    1. I wrote so hard I broke my laptop. I was pushing hard to finish the first act and then BAM! The keys started sticking so I tried cleaning the keyboard and in the process found out how many I had already broken by pounding out Firemists once to completion and through three batches of hard edits just on Act One. I annihilated a poor, defenseless keyboard all in the name of passion and art. Thanks, hopefully I’ll get more progress made by next month instead of twiddling my thumbs waiting for a replacement so I can murder that keyboard too. 🙂


  3. Oh no! I hope you get the laptop replaced soon. I just got my first feedback on my newest WIP and it was such a relief when my CP loved it! It’s always nerve-wracking to get the first feedback on something, but it’s so awesome when it’s really positive. 🙂 Hope you get to start making progress this month!


  4. Ugh! So sorry to hear about your laptop frustrations! I find that sometimes changes in routine like that (however unwelcome) can create an atmosphere that prompts new ideas and directions, so I hope the temporary switch to your husband’s computer is productive. And I’m with you on the mobile blog posting… Incredibly painful.

    Lovely, vivid detail in your excerpt!


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