The First 10 Days

Velkomin! Добро пожаловать! Bienvenue! Willkommen! ¡Bienvenido! Καλώς ήρθατε!

Welcome everyone, to the end of the first 10 days of NaNoWriMo! That’s right, we’re a week and a half in already! For everyone who has made your word count goal, congratulations! I, however, sit on the other side of the court with those of us suffering from whatever ails us this NaNoWriMo season with a far behind word count and much disappointment in myself. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a long and complicated explanation that ends in a bittersweet conclusion. Sounds like a book, doesn’t it? Sadly, it’s far from being that fabulous.

NaNoWriMo Day: 10
Current WC: 303
Words Remaining: 49,697
Days Remaining: 20

The Breakdown

  • Day 1 – 4: I hit at or over my target word count and was certain of what I was doing with all the way to chapter ten roughly outlined. And it really was a great idea, something I haven’t seen anyone else do before that would be interesting for the Paranormal Romance genre. But I didn’t like where it was going or anything that had happened or even the style I was writing it. Everything just turned to a steaming pile, you know?
  • Day 5: The entire day was spent debating the MMC’s next move. In all honesty, I became torn between two separate personalities that couldn’t mesh together. I discussed the matter in-depth with Hubby (because he is amazing and will let me vent when I need to) and he thought the logical answer, yet the character told me the opposite.
  • Day 6 – 8: More plotting and character building which I didn’t count toward my word count considering what I am trying to produce I want to sell afterward.
  • Day 9: The Delete happened. I erased the document I was working on, kept all my notes, and started over again. Lest I smash things with a hammer in frustration. Hubby even applauded the Delete due to the stress it was causing.
  • Day 10: I had to take the day off to recover from The Delete, because the problem now is rewriting and catching up. An easy task that does not make.

It’s not very eventful but I had a serious problem with the characters, then the overall piece when I sat back to look it over out of curiosity. According to the Husband, I’m over-analyzing my work, and I probably am, but I feel I can do infinitely better than what I originally produced.

I have fixed the character issues I had before and worked out the plot holes I found to give me a better guide as I go along. The background information and reference pictures are sorted into neat, concise piles for me to review as I work them into the MS, which I’m hoping will make building everything easier. With the amount of reorganization I’ve done with my laptop files and the various programs I have found that help with my process, I should be able to sit back after having today off and really churn out some words.

I intend to return to my normal posting schedule, if nothing else, I will post every ten days of NaNoWriMo to update on my progress.

Good luck fellow WriMos!

Bless! До свидания! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! ¡Adiós! Αντίο!


4 thoughts on “The First 10 Days

  1. MM Jaye

    First off, thanks for the Greek words!! Second, I’m with you on the other side of the court, waving. Hellllooo! My goal is 10,000 words (I know my limits) and it’s the novella I’m working on, not a new one. So, yeah, in not going for badges, just a boost of my meagre word count. My total: 1,500 in 10 days. Oh, and my book is coming out on he 21st, and I’m attending an online course on deep POV. I know… I’m crazy!

    I’m glad your footing is more sure. I bet the outcome won’t disappoint you.

    Greetings from Greece!


    1. Thanks Maria! 🙂 That does sound like a crazy amount of work, but if you can manage it, more power to you. I’m probably a little crazy for wanting to finish and publish this before next summer, but I’m doing it anyway. 😉

      I hope you make your 10K goal. Try not to get buried in stress, that really seems like a lot all at once plus all the other life things any adult has to deal with. We shall see how this MS turns out after I get caught up, which I don’t doubt will happen soon.

      Best of luck with your book! I’m trying to get it as a Christmas present. 😀


  2. Languages! ^_^
    So, the hammer thing…totally me with my last story. Ended up doing exactly what you did: talking to peeps, deleting, and starting over. So sorry you’ve been struggling! I hope things are flowing much better now. They definitely went a LOT better for me after the mini dump.

    You’re haven’t fallen behind. You’re doing exactly what you need to do so you don’t spend the month of November writing crap. You can totally do this! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the languages fit better than I meant for them to. I was just trying to be ‘quirky’ (as Hubby calls it) but they really look nice sitting there. I think I’ll keep them.

      Ouch. While I understand the need for the hammer method, I also know how badly it hurts after you remember all the hard work you put into it. It’s also why I tend to save the original ideas and characters to recycle them later, which is actually what this entire MS started as at the beginning of October when I was planning for NaNo.

      It has been going a lot better for me since I stopped looking at the drafts I already had and went back to my bare bones outline. I reworked where things went wrong and what I stopped liking while I was working, and so far, so good. I’m 3K into the rewritten first draft and even though I’m going slow, I don’t want to delete the entire page. I do keep backtracking and fixing odd phrases, but I’m steadily progressing which is what matters, I think.

      Regardless, according to my NaNoWriMo stat box thing, it tells me if I just keep making almost 3K a day I will finish on time. So my minimum goal for each day, before I go to bed at whatever time, to be at 3K more than I was that morning. It’s only been a day, but it’s been going well so far.

      Thanks for believing in me and cheering me on! Hope you’ve been doing well with your WC and not struggling. 🙂


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