It Has Been A While

Hello Everyone!

I know, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post here. For that I can only apologize a small amount. I have several mental health issues which tend to get in the way of my calm, collected, serious blogging. So much that I have not written in the better part of two months now thanks to them. Regardless, I felt as though I should attempt to return and get back on track with things. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what to write posts for considering all my works are at a full stop and collecting dust at the moment and I haven’t touched the four books I got last winter. I lost all momentum and all drive somehow and I am not sure how to pick it all back up off the ground. Perhaps you can inspire hope in my own abilities again, because I am fresh out of any positive motivation.

I do miss posting here on WordPress and hearing from everyone, reading all the updates from the other writers I’ve met. I kinda just fell off the face of the world for a while there. Mind you, if you follow my Tumblr that has not suffered at all, but it is not as controlled in posts as my WordPress. I use my Tumblr for everyday nonsense which isn’t vitally important to my work like I try for this to be. I would like to return to my former glory, writing and typing up weekly book reviews, but in order to do so I will have to start re-reading my series so I can do the reviews justice. I also have a YouTube channel I am struggling to keep afloat as well, but it is like my Tumblr, about a completely different topic than this WordPress site.

I did get my computer replaced, I have had very few issues with the new one, but I have also written almost nothing in months outside of working up a nine hundred and some odd words Prologue for Firemists which can be viewed here. I’m not sure how to break back into this and it is my fault for letting it collapse in the first place. I am sorry I was away for so long. I will take any and all suggestions and advice on how to fix what I sat back and let break.


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