I’m a writer who loves, hates, and feels for fictional characters.

I am a writer reaching for the stars on the great journey.

I am a writer who has bled and who will not give up.

Undefeated with a passion that glows bright even through the darkest of night.

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Jinny Jones, but feel free to call me Jin, and I’m a writer. I live in my hometown in the valley of the Southern Appalachian Mountains with my gamer husband, two eccentric children (#3 is due for arrival summer 2017), and our cat. My favorite genres are horror, fantasy, and romance.

It was after reading In the Forests of the Night and Demon in my View, both YA Romance, by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, at the tender age of twelve, that I decided I wanted to become a writer.

Through the years, most of my works have gone incomplete or been lost for one reason or other, yet the drive has never left me. Since the first time I put the pen to paper (literally) I was drawn to crafting entire stories all my own. My first complete manuscript, long lost with time, was a collaborative Paranormal Romance novella called Blood Rose. Written by myself and a dear friend, Xandra, in a dark gray, plastic prong folder that we passed back and forth for different scenes through several months of school. Throughout school, however, my works were stolen multiple times when I had the terrible idea to work on a friend’s computer.

With my children came little time to settle and complete any work, so my dreams ceased for quite some time while I worked out being a young, single mother.

Enter the husband.

Meeting my husband turned my life upside down for a time and we are still carefully tilting it back to the proper position, but meeting him did something else as well. It enlightened me. I had allowed the world and several people in it to dictate who I was to the very point of what I did. I had allowed them to take my hopes and dreams away from me and make me believe I was truly worthless. It was an extremely dark time in my life that lasted nearly eight years.

He lifted the veil from my eyes and freed the bird from its cage. With his support, I began writing again. Tentative at first, then the muse gripped my heart again and I was a whirlwind. Most of my writings were nonsense, but I was remembering myself through each of them. Through all my musings, I found NaNoWriMo and entered for the first time. While participating I attempted and failed at author-platforming (still not that great at it) but it showed me what I could learn. In 2012, I completed NaNoWriMo with a horror tale titled Unconditionally, Uncontrollably, which later proved to be a novel that would remain nothing more than a rough draft.

After NaNoWriMo, I was scattered for quite a while, trying desperately to salvage U.U. only to my own frustration and overwhelming stress. I created this space then, after finding the web of writers involved with WIPMarathon. I became more active, involved in WIPMarathon and my Twitter for the first time. I was shocked with the amount of support that existed with putting aside my introversion for a period of time. With the success of WIPMarathon, I can only hope to go further up.

This was created to be a personal insight into how I work, to create a base of readers, but also to create friends in the writing world (of which I have never had before). I hope for this to one day be the blog of a published author. I will update weekly or bi-weekly, depending on my schedule.

Many blessings – JJ

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