The Chronicles of Fate

The coins of fate have been tossed – heads you fight and survive, tails you surrender and die…

Haunted Dreams: Book One

Portsmith, New Hampshire is a shadowy port side city filled with mysterious crimes, ghost-like creatures, and the Badlands never fails to see most of it. Detective Raphael Jones, an ex-soldier of fortune, has survived hard times, returned unbroken from war with memories of both terrible and beautiful things. But there is a ghost-creature running wild through the city ending the pressing issues of various gangs in a bloody mess. What could make it worse than the Yakuza sending a small group into the New England city? A feisty mechanic with a tendency to stroll into troublesome and dangerous situations. A feisty mechanic Detective Jones can’t seem to stop bumping into and it cannot be coincidence. Something is amiss in Portsmith and the Yakuza is too interested in her. Alternate 1930’s.


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